April 2012


Flowing in gratification or stuck on the pleasure principle?

Hello and Happy Spring!

We hope this newsletter finds you well. From the Springpoint flight deck, we have much good news to share with you. Two of us are (finally!) gearing up for our doctoral proposal hearings, one of us has recently relocated to Europe, and we’ve also welcomed a new edition to our Springpoint family! While these are all happy outcomes, we must admit that the last few months presented some daunting challenges for us at Springpoint. In pursuit of continuous learning, we focused on distinguishing between actions and behaviors that brought momentary pleasures from those that have lead us to our own long-term success and happiness. We’ve gained some useful experience in terms of identifying how to make better choices when we’re stretched and stressed to the max. We thought we might share some of what we’ve learned and experienced with you. So read on dear reader and welcome to the Spring 2012 edition of the Springpoint Partners Newsletter!

In this issue you will find:

I: Momentary Pleasures and Long Term Gratifications?
II. Our New Development Program: Leading from Your Center
III. Introducing Our New Springpoint Associate:  Stacey Robbins

I: Momentary Pleasures or Long Term Gratification?

How do you cope when you’re stressed? If you’re anything like us or the people we know, love and work with, the story goes something like this: a shot of caffeine to get yourself revved and out the door in the morning, another to get out of the afternoon slump, a chocolate-glazed donut (or let’s be honest, a chocolate-glazed anything) to melt away the boredom of yet another meeting, and take-out and TV in place of an evening run or yoga class because, let’s be honest, who’s going to the gym after the day you just had! It all felt pretty good in the moment, but those momentary pleasures tend to have diminishing returns . . . don’t you find?

Author Jonathan Haidt helps us distinguish between momentary “pick me ups” and gratifying experiences which lead to lasting feelings of happiness and contentment. In his book, The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom, Haidt pays homage to positive psychology guru Martin Seligman, who explains that pleasures are delights that have clear sensory components, such as those derived from coffee, chocolate, snuggling into the couch to watch tv or drinking a cold beer on a hot day. While soothing, distracting and familiar, these momentary pleasures may not lead us where we want to go. Lasting gratifications in contrast, consist of actions and behaviors that fully engage you. By tuning in to your true nature and drawing on your innate strengths, you are able to lose self-consciousness and enter a state of “flow”, a concept popularized by Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi in the 90’s.

We are not advocating a life of pure sainthood, I promise! It’s not actually about denying yourself pleasure, but about tuning in to parts of self that deeply resonate with your deepest dreams and desires, thus enabling you to align your thoughts, feelings and actions into choices  that will serve you now and well into the future. It can be a real challenge to figure out which choices will lead to long-term happiness and which ones will leave us feeling worse in the end. The wisdom is there, we just need to tune in to the right station.

With this in mind, we invite you to come and join us in discovering how to say yes to things that really matter to you and no to all of the things that do not.

II. Our New Offering: Leading from Your Center™ program

Our Leading from Your Center™ program takes a sustainable approach to your development. By tuning into what your inherent goals and desires are, we help you identify and cultivate actions and behaviors that are part of living a truly gratifying life. Our Leading from Your Center™ program is unique in that our process will re-orient you to your desired goal in a way that is both rewarding today and gratifying well into the future. We have designed and are offering two different formats suitable to different needs, lifestyles and pocketbooks. Both the six and twelve week programs include one-on-one developmental work with one of the partners and are based on a newly developed gratification curriculum.

Our six-session program will help you clarify your intentions, set a path and take the necessary first steps towards achieving your goal.
Six Session Leading from Your Center™ program: $900

Our twelve-session program builds on the six-session format and will deepen your self-reflection, initiative and progress toward living a more gratifying life.
Twelve Session Leading from Your Center™ program: $1,600

III. Introducing Stacey Robbins:

Introducing the newest edition to our Springpoint family, Stacey Robbins. In March 2012, we had the true honour of inviting Stacey to join Springpoint Partners as a Business Development Consultant and Adult Learning Associate. Stacey will be driving efforts to identify potential growth opportunities at Springpoint and will be assisting with ongoing strategic analysis and business model design as well as the development and implementation of new products and service offerings.

Click here to see the full ‘E True Hollywood Story’ on Stacey.


Thank you for taking the time to stay connected with us – here’s to growth, renewal and all things Spring!

Avina, Kati & Zack

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