November 2013

Happy Fall from your Springpoint team!

“I truly believed at this point in my career I’d be doing meaningful important work, that not only paid the bills but made me jump out of bed every morning to get started each day. I’m dedicated, I work hard, and I want to do work that means something to me and to others. I’m definitely in a transition period and would love to share my experiences with others who feel the same way.”
Erin Lynn Willams, 32

How many inspiring daily reminders and Facebook posts do you see telling you to get off of the corporate treadmill and find work that you actually love?

Great, but how exactly does one go about achieving such an ideal?

By now you’ve probably heard that you need to align your work with your core values.  But then what?

What about the other side of the equation, namely WHO out there needs, wants and will actually PAY you for your unique skills, talents, service or product?

Does the space between where you are and where you want to be feel enormous?  Do you feel frustrated and stuck? Check out “Wait But Why’s” hilarious and poignant infographic and you’ll see you’re not alone!


So, what are you going to do?

What if instead of staying frozen where you are, you . . .


While there isn’t a simple solution, we have found a tool that can help!

Business Model You: A one-page method for reinventing your career is an intuitive, structured method for aligning your personal and career aspirations

Who? You! You’re looking for a more satisfying career
When? NOW! Small groups launch virtually Nov 2013 & Jan 2014
How? One on one with a coach or in a small group of supportive peers

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Avina, Stacey & Zack