September 2011

SPP Newsletter – September 2011 – The Feedback Issue

Welcome to Springpoint Partners’ quarterly newsletter – this is the Feedback Issue!
In this issue we have for you:
  1. Feedback – A Long Lost Learning Tool
  2. Seeking Your Feedback – We’re Building a Coaching Web App!
  3. We’re Hiring – Web Designer/Developer Needed
  4. Introducing our new Springpointer: Morgan Kinkead
Feedback – A Long Lost Learning Tool
Have you ever been working on something only to realize that you’ve been completely stuck in your own head, going in circles, getting nowhere fast? Perhaps you can relate to the 3 client issues we recently encountered at Springpoint. . .
  • Peter, a finance administrator, had rearranged the budget in every way possible – yet the numbers just wouldn’t add up
  • Angie, a 7th year PhD student was working on the 12th draft of her dissertation proposal – she was as stuck as when she had began
  • Zander, an ad sales exec had spent 48 hours perfecting his team’s Monday morning pitch – but something just wasn’t working
All three clients were stuck, frustrated and working their tails off – what was their solution? To work harder. Where was it getting them? Nowhere fast.
We reminded them that the cheapest, most powerful and yet most underutilized learning tool lay at their very fingertips.

So they gingerly ventured out to share their respective spreadsheet, proposal and presentation notes with a trusted colleague. Peter, Angie and Zander were amazed by the diversity of ideas and suggestions that came their way – they each remarked that they would’ve never thought of these ideas on their own!

What learning tool did they use?
They asked for feedback.

What prevented them from seeking feedback in the first place? One word: fear.

Fear that they wouldn’t hear what they wanted to hear, that someone would put them down, think they were inadequate, criticize them. (For further reading please see: “Fear of Feedback” – HBR, April 2003)

The simple fact is this:
Without feedback we are flying blind – others see things we simply cannot

By asking for feedback – you alert others to your interests, perspectives and needs. Often what will take you weeks to brainstorm, a trusted other can help bring you a new perspective in a single conversation or email.

Tips on asking for feedback:
    • Be as specific as you can in the type of feedback you want, how you want it, what would be most helpful to you
    • Do it often and with a variety of trusted sources
    • Use it – immediately –put it into action
    • Evaluate it


Springpoint is Walking the Talk! We want your Feedback!
Springpoint is looking for your feedback!  We are preparing to launch a web-based personal development & coaching application and we would love for you to participate in our 5-minute online survey (anonymous of course). We have 2 surveys – one for Independent Users who are interested in their own development and one for Coaches, Managers and other OD professionals who are interested in the development of others. If you fit into both categories, feel free to take both!
Personal Development
If you are interested in your own personal and professional development please click the link to take the survey here: Independent Users
Coaches, Managers and OD Professionals.

If you are a coach, manager or OD professional, interested in the growth and development of others please click the link to take the survey here: Coaches, Managers, OD Professionals

Now Hiring! Designer and Developer for Web Based Application
Springpoint Partners is now hiring! Looking for a talented, motivated designer to develop a web-based coaching application. Applications are now being accepted. Deadline Oct 16 2011.
Click here for details: Now Hiring

Introducing Springpoint’s Newest Addition: Morgan Kinkead
And finally the best news yet! Earlier this year, Morgan Kinkead joined Springpoint Partners as an Associate Marketing Research Analyst to lead an internal research initiative. Her work to date has provided useful and interesting insights related to adult development solutions.  Upon the conclusion of her research, we will be well positioned to launch a comprehensive, web-based personal development application of our own.  Please join us in welcoming Morgan to Springpoint!


P.S.: She was too shy to tell you herself – but Morgan has a phenomenal work ethic, is incredibly creative and is truly wonderful to work with – she is currently looking for a full time position in finance, business development or product management – do not wait to snap her up – she’ll be gone before you know it.

To get in touch with Morgan – click here: Morgan rocks!

That’s all folks! Wishing you a productive yet gentle fall into Fall!

Our best,

Avina, Kati & Zack