Topher Hunt


Topher is a self-taught web application developer who specializes in creating interfaces for complex data structures.

He loves designing and building tools that help people manage their information with more clarity and efficiency than they otherwise could. He’s proud of his knack for quick learning, his willingness to go to great lengths to solve a problem, and his dedication to creating things that meet users’ needs, rather than simply impressing them. His current skill set includes PHP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, database administration, Jquery, AJAX, and agile development practices.

Topher holds a B.A. in sociology and psychology from Middlebury College in central Vermont. When the college experience failed to satisfy his growing interest in developmental psychology and psychometrics, he supplemented it with a 16-month remote internship at the research nonprofit Lectica, Inc. On graduation, he was hired by Lectica as a junior analyst, but it quickly became clear that the growing company needed technology prowess more than additional researchers. Despite his lack of prior experience, Topher rose to the challenge, mastered full-stack web development, and co-designed and built a sophisticated web application to support the company’s unique research methodology.

Topher met Zachary, one of the founding partners, through his work at Lectica. He later joined the Springpoint team with the intent to bring to life a prototype of their envisioned coaching application. Apart from his work with Springpoint Partners, Topher works as a freelance web developer and consultant.

Topher lives with his fiancee Lily on the outskirts of Northampton, MA. He loves minimalist running on the trails in his neighborhood, and bikes wherever possible. When he’s not outdoors nor at work, he reads about developmental psychology, epistemology, and leadership development.