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“The Personal Leadership Initiative connected me with like-minded, goal-oriented peers who offered invaluable assistance and motivation on my personal development journey. Zack and Avina were the ideal guides, offering the right balance of support and challenge throughout. I would highly recommend PLI to anyone who has yet to find the elusive breakthrough in their personal challenge.”  — RS

“The PLI program has helped me better understand what was holding me back in achieving my goals, and how I could go about making changes in my life. The peer-coaching aspect has been the most beneficial in supporting the process and keeping me motivated. It’s an intensive program and it really required me to dig deep and be honest with myself, but the results have been great and lasting.” — KT

“The Personal Leadership Initiative (PLI) course was a program with which I am very happy I participated. I discovered not only my inner assumptions and competing commitments for the “problem” I chose to work through, but I also realized that these same assumptions and commitments overlap and interfere with other functions in my daily life.” — anonymous

“Using Kegan’s theory, with the help of the instructors and my coach, I was able to understand my inner workings and realize that my assumptions and commitments were inaccurate. In making these realizations and setting improvement goals, I caught myself in the act of false assumptions and competing commitments and made changes in my feelings and behaviors.” — anonymous

“Not only did the PLI allow me self-actualization, but it fostered my coaching abilities with other members of the program which have carried over into my professional and personal life. In working with a coachee, I was able to not only build coaching skills, but also understand other assumptions and commitments about myself that I otherwise might not have comprehended.” — anonymous

“I full-heartedly recommend the PLI course to others and commend the instructors on their facilitation. Though it is a time commitment, the results are fully apparent and worth the time.” – CA