Coaching Approach

At Springpoint Partners we take a developmental approach to coaching.  Rather than focussing exclusively on behavior and skill building, we work to uncover the deep psychological processes that drive and shape behavior.  We believe that substantive and lasting change result from a change in mindset and an increase in awareness.  Our coaching methods target the psychological blind-spots that prevent people from reaching their goals.  We coach people through a change process that results in a more robust capacity for perspective taking and reflection-in-action.  Our methods are founded on research-based frameworks and practices in adult learning and change.  At the heart of our approach are the following beliefs:

  • Clients hold the creative potential and capacity to generate the kinds of meaningful change they seek
  • Each client leads his or her own development process, with the support and guidance of the coach
  • Coaching is fundamentally a relationship, built on trust and understanding, that results in greater awareness, deep reflection, and novel action

The client-coach partnership is key.  We work together to surface the hidden assumptions preventing clients from advancing their objectives, creating more awareness of their untapped potential, while identifying ways to effectively lead change in their professional or personal life.   We enable clients to awaken the innate wisdom and compassion that will result in real, lasting change in their lives and in the lives of those around them.

Whether being sponsored by a manager or organization, or electing to work with a coach on their own, clients come to coaching for a variety of reasons:

  • Transition to a new position or increase in responsibilities
  • Desire to enhance leadership skills
  • Need to build effective working relationships with colleagues or clients
  • Change in career direction
  • Need to redefine “success” for one’s self in work and personal life
  • Focus on managing work-life balance
  • Desire to increase fulfillment and meaning in one’s work

Our coaching method is most effective for professional or personal challenges that are fundamentally adaptive in nature, or that require a significant change in mindset and awareness.  These are often the most persistent and lasting challenges that have resisted previous change efforts.

If your challenge doesn’t have a clear solution, or if your challenge is complicated and difficult to define, then our coaching process can help you.

If you have a challenge you need support around, or are just interested in learning more about our coaching methods, contact us for more information. We would be happy to set up a free coaching session for you and talk more about how we can work with you to get the results you desire.

You might also consider enrolling in our leadership development program, the PLI.