Four Cornerstones

The Four Cornerstones of our work at Springpoint Partners

1. Personal Leadership

At Springpoint Partners we believe that leadership is an innate capability that each of us must exercise to reach our highest potential – at work, at home, in life.  Leadership is not the privilege of a chosen few but the responsibility and the right granted to each of us.  We are each equipped with the ability to influence, guide, support, challenge and initiate positive change, within ourselves and within others.  When paired with our personal values and core beliefs, leadership then becomes the driving force for positive change in the world. The power of personal leadership is that it not only enables you to achieve your most meaningful goals, but that it extends beyond yourself and has the power to impact and influence the important people in your life – your friends, family members, teammates, and colleagues, as well the communities in which you live and work.  This is the power of personal leadership.

Although this makes intuitive sense, the idea of personal leadership often flies in the face of conventional wisdom.  From an early age we are taught that in order to succeed in the world, we must be professional and to be professional we must leave our personal creativity, passion, dreams and desires at home.  How often have we compromised our own personal leadership, working in ways that are often at odds with our core beliefs and values?  We know there is a better way to live and work because we’ve seen it. In essence, we believe that any effective leadership development process must begin with you – your goals, your vision, your values, using your full human capacity.

2. Dual Scientist-Practitioner Model

While our work is inspired by real practical change, we believe that theory and practice go hand in hand.  Our programs and practices have been developed using evidence-based theory and the most current research from top academics and practitioners in the fields of adult development, organizational psychology, coaching and training.  Not only are our programs based on empirical data, we are also committed to generating and contributing our own unique body of research to the field, in hopes of continuously improving the ways we live and work.

Our key methodologies include critical reflection, action inquiry and action research, as well as experiential and collaborative learning.  Our aim is to build our collective capacity so that we may harness the power found in human connection, community and collaboration.

Keeping our feet in both worlds of science-based research as well as the functional practicalities of the world of work, we pride ourselves in our dual scientist-practitioner perspective – a framework that we each have to come to know well in our academic work at Harvard and Columbia University.

3. Interdependence

From modern science to the cultural and religious traditions of the world, interdependence is viewed as a founding principal of our universe.  No matter how big or how small, how close or how far we may appear the fact remains that our interdependence connects each of us. At Springpoint Partners we also hold this view and believe that effective leadership cannot occur without a deep appreciation for the reality of interdependence.  Every thought, feeling, and action we take has an impact on the world around us, whether it is on a local level with close associates, friends and family, or on global scale with respect to economic or environmental issues.  This is one reason why we believe personal leadership is so important and why it starts with you—your values, your motivations, your beliefs.  These are the fundamental drivers that shape behavior and lead to real results in the world.

At the same time, as our actions influence and shape others, the world and the people in our lives shape us.  This dynamic of influencing and being influenced means that navigating this complex web of interrelationships becomes a necessity.  The world is not a zero-sum game, where “my success comes through your failure.”  We are fundamentally interdependent and our success is created through the success of those around us.  This idea is captured in the words “lift as we climb”, the slogan for our Personal Leadership Initiative program. Powerful personal leadership begins when we realize our interdependence, and it builds as we learn to co-create the world around us.  Taking the opportunity to take responsibility for our own influence and actions gives us the ability to make real positive change in the world. What kind of world do you want to create?  What is your vision for the future?  Building your personal leadership will get you there and we can help.

4. Development and Transformation

Learning can happen in many ways and in many different contexts, from learning to manage a new sales team to learning better ways to communicate with your partner.  At Springpoint Partners we are interested in learning across all contexts of work and home life. We focus on a particular kind of learning, often referred to as developmental or transformational learning.  This means that we focus not only on what you know, but also how you know it. How you make sense of your world, how you understand yourself, and how you relate to others around you are all questions we will help you focus on.  This type of learning targets the fundamental meaning-making structures that shape how you come to make sense of your world.

Helping you understand the how is critical to our work.  The biggest obstacles holding us back in life are not the people around us or our particular life circumstances, rather it is our particular view of the world and the take-for-granted assumptions that shape our perspective.  Our identity and behavior are fundamentally embedded in these assumptions, and unless we become aware of and change these assumptions they will continue to drive us down the same path we are on.

At Springpoint Partners we are committed to helping you blaze a new life path for yourself.  Our approach to leadership is founded on the understanding that skill building and knowledge acquisition are necessary but not sufficient for powerful development and transformation to occur.  Skills and knowledge need to be paired with awareness building and critical reflection.  Our programs are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery, allowing you to awaken a deeper awareness of what shapes your perspective and drives your behavior.  This enables you to make real lasting change with your most difficult life challenges.  Together, we will help you develop a new path of personal leadership and performance.