What we do:

We collaborate with you to build a structured reflective practice of awareness building and perspective shifting, to enhance your ability to take in your world in more powerful, meaningful and useful ways. In essence, we help you build the tools that you will use on a daily basis – in dialogue with your family members, in leading your teammates and new hires, and in the way you lead and direct yourself.  These tools will enhance your capacity for collaboration, decision-making, motivation, focus and action. By changing the way you take in and make sense of the world around you, we help you enhance your life across all domains – personal and professional.

Why you need us:

We will not be the first to tell you that the way we live and work is shifting rapidly. We live and work in a context of increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (often referred to as VUCA).  We could tell you that working with us will help you maintain your competitive advantage and crush the competition! While this may be true – our real purpose, and the reason we want to work with you is so that you can focus on the values and goals that are simply the most meaningful to you.  This will lead to fulfilling and achieving the goals in your life that will give you great joy, peace, and a sense of your true potential. In the end we believe these pursuits could not align more beautifully with helping you maintain your competitive advantage.

How we are different:

Our background as researchers and practitioners allows us to build rigorous programs based on the latest theory and research in the field of learning, coaching and change. Our work and our programs are evidence-based, tested and assessed for value before we ever offer them to you. We have a methodology and philosophy of work that we believe deeply in and we refuse to work with gimmicks and fads, regardless of how trendy or in vogue they may be. We practice what we preach as each member of our team prioritizes self-work and critical reflection, attending to our own development and learning needs. We attend conferences, training sessions and lectures as well as our own coaching and analysis programs.

Who we work with:

Our criteria are simple – if you have made the decision to work on your personal, team or organization development and can make the commitment to do the work – we would like to work with you. It’s as simple as that.

Where we work:

While we are based in New York and Boston and work primarily in the Northeastern US – we will do our best to meet your development needs wherever you are located. Please contact us for an initial conversation.