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Springpoint Partners Coaching methods are founded on research-based frameworks and practices in adult learning and change. At the heart of our approach is the firm belief that our clients are creative, capable, reflective and action-oriented. The coaching relationship helps clients to access their innate resources to achieve meaning, purpose and lasting change.  For more about our coaching philosophy, click here.





Each of our coaches has particular expertise.  Find the coach that’s right for you:


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Avina focuses on career, executive and dissertation coaching.  Key client issues include managing up, salary negotiations, career advancement/career transitions, and personal leadership development. Avina also works with advanced doctoral students helping them complete their dissertations while keeping their dignity intact.

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Stacey works with both early-mid career professionals and entrepreneurs at various venture stages.  Her clients are often looking to find and excel at jobs that reflect their true vocation and embody their values.  As a researcher and academic she brings her work on entrepreneurial learning and innovation as well as women’s leadership development to her coaching relationships. Through deep listening and helping clients become more aware of blind spots and hidden assumptions, she helps clients reaffirm their values, commitments and strengths, and create a personal development plan to take immediate action toward achieving their goals.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.09.30 PMZack helps leaders cultivate the capabilities necessary to successfully compete in a dynamic and ever-changing world. He is expert in the science that supports effective decision-making and complex problem solving. He helps leaders improve their relationship management skills and increase their ability to deal with diverse perspectives and thrive in difficult situations.

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