The Personal Leadership Initiative

The Personal Leadership Initiative (PLI) is an innovative and effective way to make real, lasting change in the most difficult challenges you are facing in your personal or professional life by combining two key elements: self-awareness and coaching.

The PLI can enable you to:

  • Find more purpose and direction in your life
  • Achieve greater work-life balance
  • Improve your health or make a lifestyle change
  • Move to the next level in your career
  • Create deeper connections with others

The PLI is a 6 week program designed to produce significant and lasting transformation. Through experiential exercises, lectures, small group work and individual coaching, we lead you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. The curriculum is based on research-backed techniques developed at Harvard and Columbia Universities.

In the program you will:

  1. Learn basic coaching skills and gain experience coaching
  2. Uncover the unconscious assumptions holding you back in life
  3. Start taking action and make real progress on a personal or professional goal
  4. Build a community of support, enabling you to progress far faster than you would on your own

The PLI is based on the understanding that each of us possess the innate wisdom and capacity to overcome the obstacles we face. This program works to uncover the limiting perceptions that hold us back in life and leverage this wisdom to achieve the goals we seek.

“Lift as we climb”

The PLI is a demanding and intense program, which relies on the engagement and commitment of all participants. The program is based on the power of interdependence and the shared investment of every participant. In the program you will be supporting others’ growth while they support your growth. As a group we will be “lifting” each other up, as we “climb” toward our goals. In this way, your own learning and development is founded and built on the learning and development of the group. Therefore, we only invite participants who demonstrate a sincere willingness to engage and commit to the entire process. Attendance at every session, as well as regular meetings with your coach and coachee, is critical to the success of the program. This is not a “drop-in” program that you can attend intermittently.  Our research has shown that those who consistently show up with a deep willingness to engage in the process and work on a personal or professional development goal get the most value from the program.

Program Dates:

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New York, NY

For more information:

If you have specific questions contact us, or call (530)591-0835.

If you think the PLI might be right for you, complete the registration form and we will contact you with further details.

    Hi Lyle,

    I hope you are well and enjoying the summer. I think I mentioned to you that I was working with Jeanne on a peer support program for new students, we are calling it the Connect ALL Program. We are hoping to use some of the time during the new student orientation to have a little interactive social with the new students and peer connectors. I spoke with Louise and she said that you are the faculty scheduled to lead the event, on Tuesday August 31, from 10-12noon. We were wondering if we could use some of that time for this Connect ALL event. Is so, about how much time might we have available to us? We are happy to coordinate with you on it and share some of our ideas. I”m also happy to find a time to talk with you more about it. Let us know what you think. I’ve cc’d the Connect ALL Committee so they could share their thoughts as well.

    Thank you,